You do not need to worry about critters. While they are out there, they will only ever be aggressive if provoked or cornered and even then, only in very extreme circumstances. They do not represent a tangible or statistically relevant threat to you or your family. There were like 4 bear attacks in the US in the last 5… » 3/02/15 1:17pm Today 1:17pm

Why Cotton Kills, A Technical Explanation

"He was wearing all cotton, which is the worst fabric for cold, wet weather. The weather just got the best of him," reads an official statement by Alaska State Troopers about the death of a hiker there in 2005. This is how and why cotton can kill you.
» 2/26/15 4:20pm Thursday 4:20pm

BioLite's NanoGrid Is a Lantern, Battery, and Flashlight All In One

This new BioLite NanoGrid functions as a hanging work light or lantern, a multi-point area light, a powerful flashlight and a portable power source for your electronics, all in a single $100 product. The ultimate camping gadget? I got my hands on a unit to find out. » 2/25/15 4:43pm Wednesday 4:43pm

Two Ex-Army Rangers Believe Flip Flops And Sarongs Will Defeat ISIS

I recently met two ex-Army Rangers in a bar, and got onto the topic of the war against ISIS. They told me they knew the solution: flip flops. I scoffed, which probably isn't something you should do to an Army Ranger's face. And they put me in my place.
» 2/24/15 7:00pm 2/24/15 7:00pm

How to Find the Perfect Sleeping Bag

The foundation for comfort outdoors, a sleeping bag is probably the most essential item of camping gear. But, they now come in a lot of styles. Mummy, rectangle, quilt, synthetic, down and backed or backless. Which is right for you?
» 2/19/15 4:45pm 2/19/15 4:45pm