Each day, 90 people die on America's roads with a population of 319mm people with the strictest safety regulations on the planet. For a 3rd world country with 259mm people, with very little transportation infrastructure or policy, a slightly higher rate ain't bad. » 7/28/14 2:55pm Yesterday 2:55pm

​Polaris Slingshot: Can Three Wheels Make A Better Roadster?

What you're looking at is going to be one of the most fun cars debuting for 2015. But, the Polaris Slingshot isn't a car, it's a "motorcycle." Here's why that matters and what it means for you, the enthusiast driver. » 7/28/14 2:05pm Yesterday 2:05pm

Nutn and I share a mutual respect. In his review of this knife, I think he got a little riled up by the "survival" tag line and spok of it a little unfairly as a result. Compared to a fixed blade, no, this knife is not as strong. But, compared to other folders, it's as strong as can be. A steel face on the liner lock… » 7/25/14 7:31pm Friday 7:31pm

​How And Why To Take Your Smartphone Camping

No other device packs a camera, a stereo, video recording, GPS navigation and guide books into such a small, conveniently carried package. Here's how to get the most of your smartphone in the outdoors.http://indefinitelywild.gizmodo.com/so-you-want-to... » 7/25/14 2:08pm Friday 2:08pm

Now That It's Upon Us, What Are Your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plans?

In an eerie real life version of Max Brooks' World War Z, China announced it was quarantining a town of 30,000 people after a "Bubonic Plague" outbreak. That doesn't fool us, what zombie apocalypse plans will you be activating now?http://news.yahoo.com/china-seals-of... » 7/22/14 3:59pm 7/22/14 3:59pm

​How To Build Your Own Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Tiny, light and infinitely transportable, this affordable little kit might save your life in an emergency. Here's how to build your own mini survival kit and how to use the stuff in it.http://indefinitelywild.gizmodo.com/now-that-its-u... » 7/22/14 3:21pm 7/22/14 3:21pm

Adventure Tested: Whistle, A Fitness Tracker For Your Dog

Whistle is a new, collar-mounted activity monitor for your dog, allowing you to track exercise, food, medication and other parameters whether you're with them or even when you're apart.http://indefinitelywild.gizmodo.com/wiley-meets-sn... » 7/21/14 1:45pm 7/21/14 1:45pm

​Rafting America's Most Difficult River

With 15 class V rapids in under 9 miles, Cherry Creek and the Upper Tuolumne River are considered the most technically challenging rafting river in the country. Last weekend, we ran it. Here's how you can too. » 7/16/14 11:00pm 7/16/14 11:00pm