Now That It's Upon Us, What Are Your Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plans?

In an eerie real life version of Max Brooks' World War Z, China announced it was quarantining a town of 30,000 people after a "Bubonic Plague" outbreak. That doesn't fool us, what zombie apocalypse plans will you be activating now? » 7/22/14 3:59pm Tuesday 3:59pm

​How To Build Your Own Altoids Tin Survival Kit

Tiny, light and infinitely transportable, this affordable little kit might save your life in an emergency. Here's how to build your own mini survival kit and how to use the stuff in it. » 7/22/14 3:21pm Tuesday 3:21pm

Adventure Tested: Whistle, A Fitness Tracker For Your Dog

Whistle is a new, collar-mounted activity monitor for your dog, allowing you to track exercise, food, medication and other parameters whether you're with them or even when you're apart. » 7/21/14 1:45pm Monday 1:45pm

​Rafting America's Most Difficult River

With 15 class V rapids in under 9 miles, Cherry Creek and the Upper Tuolumne River are considered the most technically challenging rafting river in the country. Last weekend, we ran it. Here's how you can too. » 7/16/14 11:00pm 7/16/14 11:00pm

​How San Francisco's Clean Drinking Water Destroyed The 2nd Yosemite

Did you know Yosemite Valley used to have an identical twin? It was dammed in the early 1900s to provide San Francisco with water it relies on to this day, but recently, conservationists have been calling for its restoration. » 7/15/14 7:20pm 7/15/14 7:20pm