At some point it has to stop being about politics and start being about reality. A bunch of smart people who appreciate things like facts and science and reality just can't stand by and not be horrified by the rise of nincompoops. It's our job, as smart people, and your job too, to say something about it. We can't… » 3/23/15 6:19pm Monday 6:19pm

Everything You Never Wanted To Know About Rabies

So far as awful ways to die go, being attacked by a rabid animal then dying a slow, painful death must rank near the top. And exactly that happens to 55,000 people every year. Here's how you (or your dog) can get rabies, what it does to your body as it kills you and what you can do to ensure neither of you gets it. » 3/19/15 5:01pm 3/19/15 5:01pm

The New Materials That Are Revolutionizing Helmet Safety Right Now

Modern helmet construction hasn't changed significantly since the adoption of styrofoam impact absorption in the 1960s. But new materials and construction methods are improving safety, in some cases absorbing 30 percent more energy than their styrofoam equivalents. And you can buy helmets made from them today. » 3/18/15 5:46pm 3/18/15 5:46pm

How To Gain Traction When You're Running or Walking On Snow And Ice

Accidental falls kill 30,208 Americans each year. That's only 3,000 less than car accidents. And the technology exists to utterly eliminate poor-traction in even the worst winter conditions. You can either add it (affordably!) to your existing boots or shoes or buy a dedicated pair and it'll help whether you're just… » 3/16/15 4:15pm 3/16/15 4:15pm

Get an old dual sport like an XR650L or DR650 for $2,500 on Craigslist, then build it up with new suspension, better ergos, protection parts, luggage and a long range tank. It's what every bike journalist does and what I'll likely do in the near future too. » 3/13/15 4:41pm 3/13/15 4:41pm