I'm Wes SilerS

Hi, I'm Wes. That's me teaching my puppy to drive in David La Chapelle's Rolls Royce, and I want to tell you about my new personal blog here on Kinja. I'll be using it to write about the stuff that interests me and the stuff that I do.

You probably know me from my time as Jalopnik's Road Test Editor and my ongoing contributions to that site, or maybe my current role as the EIC over at RideApart or the show or maybe you've read something I've written in Wired, Playboy, Road&Track, GQ, Popular Science, Popular Mechanics, Newsweek, MCN (UK) or any of the other publications that I write or wrote for.

But here's the thing: As a writer, I'm feeling a little pigeonholed, a little creatively stifled. I'm a little tired of writing about only bikes and cars. I'm more than just a gearhead; I like animals and the outdoors and making stuff with my hands and pretty girls and good beer and tasty food and being healthy and being around interesting people. Or not being around anyone at all. I'm also tired of being told I shouldn't express an unpopular opinion, of being told I can't swear, of Top 10 lists and short word counts and formulaic formats, too.

So, here you go: a personal blog about all the other stuff. A little narcissistic? Probably, but people seem to like reading the stuff I write and I seem to enjoy writing it. Of course, as someone who's spent over a decade writing and editing for a living, you can expect a bit of a professional approach. The words you read here will be largely true, mostly spelled correctly and probably arranged in the correct order. I'm also hoping people will be reading, which is why I'm using the Kinja platform; I hope to see these stories shared across the various Gawker sites and maybe I'll even develop a little following of my own right here at WesSiler.Kinja.com.

Stuff I'll write about will include my "dog" Wiley, the various adventures we take together or maybe even the ones where I have to leave him behind. There'll be stories about the crazy girls I've dated (which should be entertaining given that I apparently attract the really insane ones), the stuff I build, the trouble I get into with my friends and various feats of daring do. I'll write about some of the knives and tools and gear I use, hopefully some of my experience reviewing fancy bikes and cars helps there.

And hopefully all this ends up being reader friendly too. Call me crazy, but I don't do this because of the money or the flexible hours or the free vehicles (ok, maybe a little because of the free vehicles), but because I want to help you, the reader, entertain you, challenge you, inform you, all that good stuff. Want me to tell you a story? Just tell me which one. You can reach me in comments, on Twitter or by Instagram, where you can also follow a fairly continuous photo stream of Wiley.